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5 Best Bodyweight Exercises For 2019

bodyweight explosive burpees
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Veganism is on the rise and is promising to become mainstream this year. Bodyweight workouts also made it to the top 5 fitness trends in 2019. With everyone looking into health now more than ever, why don’t we follow and level up our own using the best bodyweight exercises for 2019 out there?

Just in time, I found this pretty interesting list of the best calisthenics—all leveled up to meet the trendy fitness challenges of 2019.

The 5 Best Bodyweight Exercises for 2019

As you take a quick look at the list below, you’ll find the exercises familiar. Well, of course, they are—but we’re going to do them “the 2019 way.”

  • High Pull-Ups
  • Explosive Burpees
  • 90-Degree Push-Ups
  • Eccentric 1-Arm Pull-Ups
  • Handstand to Negative Planche

High Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are unarguably among the best bodyweight exercises for men, hence the emphasis here.

The challenge in 2019 is to bring your pull-ups to your chest, even to your belly button. Yes, it should be as high as you can get! Here are the few tips as to how.

  • Bring your scapula to the front.
  • Keep your body as straight as possible, like a pencil.
bodyweight high pull-ups
Extremely High Pull-Ups. Credits: OFFICIALTHENX/YouTube

Explosive Burpees

Burpees are the “laziness killer” exercises. To take burpees to the next level, you need to:

  • Jump as high as you can.
  • Make each burpee as explosive as you can.
bodyweight explosive burpees
Explosive Burpees. Credits: OFFICIALTHENX/YouTube

90-Degree Push-Ups

This one’s about putting your whole weight into your arms. Your upper and lower arms make a 90-degree angle.

bodyweight exercises for 2019
90-Degree Push-Ups. Credits: OFFICIALTHENX/YouTube

Now there’s two more high-level calisthenics you would certainly want to challenge yourself with. It’s best to check them out in the video demonstration below.

Perfecting these exercises, particularly the last one, can take months to years of practice. But if you can start early this year, it’s going to be very easy soon.

Start Doing The Best Calisthenics of 2019!

Check out the whole video below, and you will certainly find the motivation to do these muscle-building calisthenics yourself!



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