5 Push-Ups To Add To Your Bodyweight Chest Workout

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Enhance your bodyweight chest workout with variations of push-ups and see the difference for yourself.

Big chest, strong pecs. There’s more to having them as a pretty add-on to your physique. Chest muscles have functional benefits, too. And, a regular bodyweight chest workout brings those benefits out in a slowly-but-surely engaging process. Thanks to Mr. Dedha for the ideas, there are 5 push-ups that you can add to your bodyweight routine.

1. The Regular Push-Up

“The push-up requires several muscle groups to work… your core and hip flexors are also affected even though your chest is the main target.”

Mr. Dedha is dead-on right about this point. You can never go wrong with basic push-ups. If you’re already doing them for the sake of your chest, continue doing them for your core and hips, too.

2. The Decline Push-Up

“The higher your bench/chair/box is the more difficult and intense the movement gets, and consequentially you get better results.”

Instead of placing your feet on the ground, elevate them to a bench, chair or box. The greater intensity tends to bring more benefit to your chest.

3. The Diamond Push-Up

In performing diamond pushups,

“…triceps and inner chest muscles will be affected more.”

Well, some say inner chest exercises just don’t work. I would say you better try body weight exercises that don’t just target a muscle in isolation. They will most likely work despite the myths.

4. The Push-Up Hold

“This exercise has another benefit apart from making you physically strong, it will definitely make you mentally ‘tougher’.”

Imagine building up your chest muscles and doing that while mentally charging. Sounds cool but it does work.

5. The Wide Push-Up

“…most of your weight is transferred to your pectoral (chest) muscles when you place your hands in a wide position. So, the farther you put your hands out, the greater the challenge for your chest.”

Mr. Dedha makes no mistake about the wide push-ups. You should try them by mimicking his demonstration.

Try Adding These To Your Bodyweight Chest Workout

Give these five push-ups a try. Add them to your bodyweight chest workout, and notice the difference in 6 weeks!

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