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6 Meals to Live Longer

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Did you know that eating specific foods on a regular basis can actually grant you immortality? Just kidding, eating specific foods on a regular basis will not grant you immortality (so put that broccoli down) but according to this article I read on, eating healthy on a daily basis won’t just make your partner stop nagging at you but it will also help you live longer and age slower! (so go ahead and pick that broccoli back up) Now, I myself found the article somewhat interesting since I’ve already made a lot of the dietary changes they mention but if you’re like me and hate having to read a bunch of shit then I’ll give you a 817ish word synopsis since my boss requires 1,000 words (and I already got like 183) which is still a lot but I’ll do my best to not make it boring.

The article starts off by dropping some knowledge I’m sure your parents or health conscious friends have already shoved into your ears and consciousness which is that a healthy diet is one of the the main characteristics in people that live a long time. After that mind blowing insight we are then introduced to two medical experts with too many medical titles who are twins and call themselves “The Nutrition twins” (go figure). The Nutrition twins then give 6 meal ideas that are packed with tons of antioxidants and other healthy shit you need if you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when you’re 70 and not Robert De Niro lol. I’m going to condense all the meals here for you so you don’t have to waste your time with the nutrition twins unless you want to.

Meal #1:

The first meal they offer up is a spring vegetable frittata and the reasons they give are definitely filled with a lot of fluff so here’s the basic reasons why this dish is a winner. For one, spices and veggies on their own can be pretty unappetizing but when put together not only does it combine all the hidden health benefits but it also makes them taste less shitty. Two of the ingredients are thyme and dill weed which are packed with antioxidants and other good stuff along with spinach which is packed with its own flurry of things to create an epic meal which really doesn’t taste bad at all. Clicking the name in blue will take you to the ingredients and instructions.

Meal #2:

The second meal suggestion is avocado hummus which is pretty self-explanatory. But why? Well avocado is very high in healthy fats so you’ll feel full and chickpeas are specifically high in antioxidants that help the skin but they’re also a great source of protein and fiber so there’s that. Plus the garlic and other ingredients all together this meal is like skin cell crack.

Meal #3:

The third one is called Mango Ginger Overnight Oats and this again is pretty self-explanatory. It’s oatmeal with ginger and mango. Oatmeal is high in things that promote not just heart health but also defense against inflammation which is bad and the mangos are high in vitamin c so you can keep the doctors visits to a minimum. Now the ginger is (like everything else mentioned so far) high in antioxidants. I’d add honey and cinnamon if I were you and not because they’re high in antioxidants (which they are) but because they just go really well with ginger mango and oats.

Meal #4:

Now the fourth meal doesn’t really have a name, it’s just pretty broad, it’s an easy healthy acai bowl. It had me at easy lol. An acai bowl is pretty much something called acai puree with a bunch of berries and fruits added in. What they recommend is adding kiwi, almonds and blueberries. Almonds are high in vitamin e which is necessary for a lot including the skin where blueberries are amazing for the brain and preventing dementia and other brain related diseases. Kiwi is high in other things but mainly vitamin c which is your immune system’s best friend.

Meal #5:

The 5th meal isn’t actually a meal it’s a Plant Based Matcha Mint Smoothie and should be easier because it’s a drink which means if you don’t like it you can just chugg it and still get the benefits! And the benefits are many considering matcha is pretty much green tea and green tea is among one of the most abundant in antioxidants as well as super helpful with digestion and weight loss but matcha has 3 times what green tea has. There’s also spinach in this smoothie which we already know is good for us so chugging one of these bad boys would make our bodies very grateful to belong to us.

Meal #6:

And lastly (thank god) we have a Peach Kale Smoothie Bowl and it tastes better than it sounds. Kales is actually my personal favorite outta all the leafy greens because the taste is not very hateable and it’s packed with a lot. It has a lot of magnesium, calcium and potassium but also has antioxidants that directly protect against heart disease and cancer and also defends against toxins that other foods may give us. Plus there’s peaches and lemon which both add to the taste and give a vitamin c boost so this option is a win all around.

Personally, as I mentioned before, I have been already been very focused (some might say obsessed) on a lot of the things they talked about like the benefits of antioxidants and phytonutrients which are pretty much nature’s cell cocaine, but in a good way, so I quite liked all the recommendations they made in the article. But the two meals that interested me the most though were probably the avocado hummus and the kale smoothie bowel just since hummus is already something I’m pretty familiar with and adding in avocados just makes sense and as I already made clear I quite like kale already and all the other ingredients added to the smoothie were things I already eat on a regular basis so it was easy for me. You can find the link for the article itself where I highlighted “article” and the recipe links are embedded in the names. Hope you all enjoy and I’ll hopefully be seeing you in a 100 years.

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