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8-Minute Intense Bodyweight Ab Workout

bodyweight ab workout
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Having great abs undeniably belongs to every bodybuilding individual’s top goals. What better way to achieve that than to make use of an intense bodyweight ab workout!

You don’t think it’s going to work that well? Just spare 8 minutes of your time each day.

Try if you can fit in 50 reps of each of the four bodyweight ab workouts below—doing 2 circuits in all!

1. Ten Touch Twists

“Ten” refers to all 10 of your fingers. You are going to touch them on the floor as you twist your upper body to the right and left. Do a pair of right and left twists for a rep, and do 50 reps of this bodyweight ab exercise!

2. Butterfly Sit-Ups

In this second exercise, you’re doing a basic sit-up plus some modification to engage your core better. Swing your arms as shown in the demo screenshots above (images 2a and 2b).

The motion will help you keep your balance and momentum so you can put more emphasis on working your abs.

3. Ab Scissors

The third exercise in this intense bodyweight ab workout looks quite simple to perform. But, when you do 50 reps of them, you’ll surely feel the tension right in your core.

4. Twisting Pistons

The last body weight exercise here gets your heart racing. As you twist from the starting position to the left, the mid, the right, and back to the starting position again, you’re sort of hopping. This could get you sweating great.

Needless to say, you could feel the burn as you perform this body weight exercise!

Try This Bodyweight Ab Workout For Yourself

Again, you should try doing all four exercises straight, 50 reps each, in 2 circuits straight. If you do the math, that’s a total of 400 reps—all in 8 minutes!

Don’t you think that’s intense? Try it for yourself and see if you can beat this challenging bodyweight ab workout!


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