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A Cold Shower A Day Can Keep the Therapist Away

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Did you know a cold shower a day can keep the therapist away? Nah, just kidding, I wish, if that were true I wouldn’t be stuck in bed right now dreading the day (little dramatic i know) although I must admit, I haven’t showered today but, if I managed to get myself outta these sheets and into that tub  I can wholeheartedly guarantee to myself and to you that all these negative thoughts and emotions and lack of motivation would go away almost instantaneously (after just 5-10 minutes at least) and I know this because I have been taking cold showers exclusively for the last 2 months for those exact reasons and instant results and they’ve not failed me yet. And I realize that a lot of people deal with their own anxieties and their own depressions or a lack of motivation for their own reasons and maybe for most people it’s for completely different reasons but for me one of those reasons and probably one of the biggest is that my lack of motivation actually feeds into my depression and anxiety.

I feel like a failure and worthless even for not having that drive and steel grit that most people have to be able to get stuff done. Be it working out, eating right, drinking enough water, getting work done on a regular basis or sticking to a schedule these are all examples and real things that I lack motivation and drive in and not following through on these things fuel my depression and anxiety partly at least. The common denominator between all these things is that they are all things that are uncomfortable to do so therefore I just give up or put them off for later, a later that will never come and this cycle creates a lot of resentment within myself that just adds to that mental wall I have up against most things makes moving forward feel impossible. That is why the cold showers have been so life changing and profound for me in that way because think about it, cold showers are really uncomfortable!

Cold in general is and this is why most people (2 months ago me included) are so reluctant to try them out and take them on for themselves despite all the benefits there are. And believe me after two months they still are pretty uncomfortable at first but that’s not the point. The point is while yes they are still uncomfortable I have gotten to a place where I’ve learned how to push through that discomfort and effectively own taking cold showers. That in itself creates a mental shift in my head from being unmotivated and easily discouraged by uncomfortable things to wanting to see what else I can own? What other uncomfortable task can I get through? What other things have I been putting off and opting to do “later” because of the discomfort they bring me? I wanna own all that stuff after owning a cold shower and what easier way is there? It’s a shower. The hardest part of it is literally the cold and that passes. Literally our biology is built to adapt to cold , we are warm blooded creatures after all. Once you get past that it is just a shower. It’s literally the hardest/easiest thing you can do to create that sense of pride of “hell yeah man, I owned that shower! And I didn’t think I could at first but I DID, what else can I own today” and then you go clean that kitchen that you didn’t want to clean or go finish an assignment you’ve been putting off.

There are a million uncomfortable things in this world that none of us want to do but we need to cause or else they bring us dread and cold showers are the perfect tool for the beginning of your day to help you get those things done! And that’s just the main and most instant mental health benefits I’ve been able to see from it, the physical benefits took a bit more time but have been equally amazing to me. For starters something I noticed maybe like two weeks after switching to exclusively hot showers was that my skin was not oily at all anymore, my acne is pretty much non-existent, I’ m never dry (not counting my texting abilities) and never itchy like I was before. My scalp and hair too have never felt better, I never have dandruff or an itchy head and my hair feels like it has conditioner in it but I don’t ever use any! Now the skin makes sense and if anybody is surprised by that go ahead and imagine you have three pots with the same amount of water in each pot. In one pot you have boiling, in another you just have warm water, and in the third it’s not even on the burner you just got it filled with ice water.

Now imagine you put a potato in each of them and left it for 20-30 min. I think you can guess what will happen to the potato that’s in the hot and warm water pots and I’m positive you can guess where I’m going with this… the potato in the ice water would stay firm, together and might even get tighter from the cold. THAT’S YOUR SKIN! Humans have been on this planet for over 300,000 years and in all that time for the majority of we have adapted to cold water so by taking a hot or warm shower its still extremely unnatural which is why our skin dries and our scalp dries and our hair needs all these products to stay soft and firm. This is probably why I’ve also noticed that I never feel sore anymore. Does not what I do or how strenuous the workout was because the cold showers do wonders for workout recovery and I’ve really come to see them as something vital to every aspect of my life and I look forward to tell you more about them and all the new things and science behind it that I discover in my research and self experimentation  in future articles.

If you would like to see the video that set me off on this journey please check this one out by a Dr. named Dr Berg

whom I’ve come to listen to like a prophet when it comes to anything health related and I hope you find the video as convincing as I did.



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