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7 Impressive Beginner Bodyweight Workout Starters

beginner bodyweight workout impressive moves
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Who says that beginner bodyweight workout exercises need to be boring and not challenging? Even if you’re still a “trainee” in doing calisthenics, your moves don’t have to be confined to the easiest ones.

Want some impressive workout starters? Pick one or a couple more from the 7 impressive bodyweight exercises down below. Believe me—even beginners can try them out!

Elbow Lever

The elbow lever can help you build additional core strength.

You can even make it more difficult by doing variations. One advanced elbow lever that I personally like is the one-arm elbow lever.

elbow lever - beginner bodyweight workout
Try the elbow lever to improve your core strength and balance. Credits: TappBrothers/YouTube

Crow Pose

This bodyweight move is taken from yoga. The crow pose helps develop your core strength and balance. If you want to do handstands, the crow pose is a great preparatory exercise!

If you’re leveling up, you can do a crane pose (“bakasana”), too!

how to do a crow pose, beginner bodyweight workout
The crow pose gives you another way to challenge your balance. Credits: TappBrothers/YouTube


Never heard about a bodyweight exercise like that? Yeah, it’s actually from a dance move. And, it’s also called the “coffee grinder.”

Check out the demo video below to see this breakdancing-inspired calisthenics!

helicopter for a beginner bodyweight workout
A glimpse of the helicopter. Credits: TappBrothers/YouTube

Try These On Your Next “Beginner” Bodyweight Workout!

Now, did I mention there were 7? Well, the rest are listed down below.

  • QM Flip. This helps improve your mobility.
  • Elbow Flag. Kids watching you will think you’re Superman (but this isn’t the Superman you know). Think of even advancing? Do a human flag.
  • Safety Vault. This one’s got a weird name, I know. I’m placing no screenshot here, as it’s so much better to see from the video demo below. Watch for it! Now, there’s an advanced version of this and it’s called the “speed vault.” Yup, it’s faster and you had to get higher up above a ledge.
  • Head Stand. Should you even try? Yup, it’s great for balance. It’s tough, but it’s one of those exercises that can make a beginner bodyweight workout a real challenge.

Ready to blow your mind? Excited to pump up your muscles at the same time? Then watch how to do these really impressive bodyweight moves now.

Credits: TappBrothers/YouTube


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