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3 Surprising Benefits Of Bodyweight Exercises

woman doing calisthenics to reap the benefits of bodyweight exercises
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Nate Palmer, a fitness coach, writer and speaker, shares 3 benefits of bodyweight exercises you probably were doubtful about.

Benefits Of Bodyweight Exercises

I came across Palmer’s article and was fascinated. He talked about the advantages of bodyweight training that we must have just taken for granted.

Overall, I was only a little surprised to see that sometimes, doing calisthenics can actually be better than weightlifting.

Let me share what I’ve found.

Bodyweight Exercises Build More Muscle

In building muscle, did you think using your own body weight was inferior to using machines and iron weights?

According to a scientific study Palmer quotes,

  • “Closed-chain” exercises (where most calisthenics belong) helped increased lower body strength to 31%.
  • “Open-chain” movements (moving through machines) only contributed a 13% improvement.

This is just after a 6-week training. Quite dramatic results, right?

You ask, how come? Here’s the answer. Moving through space with bodyweight exercises simply increases your use of muscle fibers. That triggers more muscular gains.

Bodyweight Exercises Burn More Fat

Do bodyweight exercises burn fat?

Actually, doing calisthenics can help you burn more. Here’s the rationale according to Palmer.

When you do bodyweight workouts:

  • The stress build-up is like being chased by a tiger.
  • You got to save your life. Hence, you rush to climb up a tree.
  • You activate your sympathetic nervous system.
  • Your body goes into a fight-or-flight mode (adrenaline rush).
  • It demands you release your fat and prioritize your muscle.

Considering these facts, you should agree that…

“…a pullup will always be a better option than a pulldown. You use more muscle, burn more calories, and improve your hormonal signaling to burn fat.”

Bodyweight Training Helps You Feel Better

Check this out if you can relate.

“If you’ve been trapped at a desk all day for work, it’s counterproductive to go to the gym and immediately sit back down to do chest press.”

“Training should be a chance to let your body move and re-establish good movement patterns, rather than reinforcing the bad ones we do all day.”

Simply put, bodyweight training routine helps you activate those sedentary muscles. As a result, you feel better because your whole system is now “awake.”

Start Doing Bodyweight Workouts Everyday

Ready to experience the above benefits of bodyweight exercises?

Get started here.

Or view the quoted article at


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