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Best Bodyweight Exercises: How To Perform The Glute Bridge

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The glute bridge is one of the best bodyweight exercises. To maximize its benefits, you need, however, to focus on having the correct form. Do you know how to properly perform the glute bridge? Read on to know the procedure below.

Glute Bridge Starting Position

As you can see from the two images above, the glute bridge is composed of two basic positions. One is a starting position in which your back lays flat on the ground.

To prepare for the rising, main position, place your heels near your butt as shown above. Stretch out your arms sideways so you can achieve better balance as you rise later.

Now the key points to having the correct form are as follows:

  • Bring your heels as close to your butt as possible.
  • Lay plain flat on your back.

Glute Bridge Rising Position

Now take a look at the second image above. To get to that rising position, tighten your core, and get ready to push your upper body up against gravity.

As you do, use your arm to keep your body stable.

How To Maximize The Benefits Of The Glute Bridge

The glute bridge helps tighten your glute muscles. To make the most of this body weight exercise, you can do more than just pushing your body up and getting back down.

Again, focus on having good form. See the demonstration below.

To maximize the glute bridge, don’t just stop at position C above to immediately get back down to position A. Instead, try to do position D and hold it there for as long as you can.

In doing position D, you got to push yourself up as high as possible. Also, instead of holding it there for long, you may also get back down to position A, and do the whole thing again for your reps.

Add The Glute Bridge To Your Bodyweight Workout

The bodyweight version of the glute bridge is an excellent add-on to your bodyweight workout. Before you plan to intensify this exercise by adding weights, be sure to master the form first.


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