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Best Fat-Burning Bodyweight Cardio Alternative

bodyweight cardio alternative workouts
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Thinking twice about doing cardio workouts? If you wish to burn fat as well as strengthen your heart, it’s probably time to consider a similar but perhaps healthier and easier way – a cardio alternative, that is. Learn what BJ Gaddour has to say about MetaCardio workouts, why you got to do them, and how.

What MetaCardio Does

MetaCardio workouts can do all these that cardio does:

  • increase heart rate
  • burn fat
  • improve overall circulation

And yet, a MetaCardio workout does more. Gaddour summarizes how MetaCardio works in this statement:

“Instead of using traditional modes of cardio training, MetaCardio employs resistance training exercises to provide a muscle-building stimulus, which, in turn, enhances the overall fat-burning and metabolism-boosting potential of your workout.”

While not everything in the author’s workout regimen is strictly bodyweight, you can pick up the idea. It’s about doing resistance training exercises.

Sample Cardio Alternative Workouts

Gaddour introduces two workouts that I think you should try. Each is a cardio alternative. If, however, you’re sticking to bodyweight exercises, you had to modify what he’s outlined in his regimen.

What I’ve adapted and liked so far is his 20-10 interval style. That’s 20 seconds of activity and 10 seconds of rest. Here’s what you need to note:

  • The 20-10 interval is the basic time frame for one move (and its corresponding rest period).
  • Five to ten minutes of doing the 20-10 move would be equivalent to one superset.
  • You have 1 to 2 minutes of rest between each superset.
  • Each superset has 2 moves.
  • One workout has 4 supersets in all.

Thus far, each of his sample cardio alternative workouts only included a dumbbell in one move. You can either take it out of your body weight version or cover it in your progression.

Here’s just one last note for these MetaCardio workouts before you get to them. If you’re still a beginner, do a superset for only 5 minutes. You can do up to 10 minutes if you’re already on the advanced level. Just pick what’s right for you and work on what strengthens your heart!

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