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Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises You Need To Try

bodyweight shoulder exercises
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“Lifting weights is the best way to strengthen the shoulders.” We all hear that. Fortunately, it’s a bluff. In fact, you can have toned and even stronger shoulders using only your body weight.

Do you want to know how to keep your shoulders in shape and strong sans equipment? These bodyweight shoulder exercises below are just what you need!

Keeping The Shoulders Strong And Sexy

Collette Stohler of LIVESTRONG.COM shares to us shoulder exercises for sexy and strong shoulders — no gym nor equipment required. These are the following:

  • Dips
  • Handstands
  • The Bear Crawl
  • Incline Push-Up
  • Decline Push-Up
  • Handstand Push-Up
  • The Humble Push-Up

How They Work

We need to know that our shoulders or deltoids have three parts. These are the anterior deltoid (front), the middle deltoid (middle), and the posterior deltoid (back). Achieving strong and sexy deltoids means that you need to work out these three parts. And these bodyweight shoulder exercises below are what you need with that.


This bodyweight exercise works your deltoid muscles without the need for gym equipment. Just use any chair you can grab at home. It’s such an easy exercise that needs proper execution for you to gain its benefits. As cited by Stohler,

“…dips are the second-best shoulder exercise without equipment.”

It’s a very convenient exercise that you can do wherever you are.


We know handstands as a basic gymnastics and yoga pose that looks quite difficult to perform. But, hey, it’s just like any other exercise — you perfect it with consistent practice. If you’re a beginner, you can use a wall to support you. Then slowly and gradually distance yourself from it as you succeed. Handstands works out not only the shoulders but also the core.

The Bear Crawl

This bodyweight shoulder exercise, according to Stohler,

“works your entire body with a focus on shoulder activation and stabilization.”

Performing the bear crawl is a great way to strengthen up your deltoids. You can do this at home before starting your day.

Incline Push-Up

I do this type of push-up at times, and I could say that it is much more comfortable than the regular one. Performing incline push-ups works out all the three parts of your deltoids. You will only need an elevated surface to do it. If you do this in a park, you can use a bench.

Decline Push-Up

Contrary to the incline push-up which is much easier than the regular push-up, the decline push-up is the advanced variation. This means that decline push-ups kick those deltoids harder than the other two. You will also need an elevated surface when performing this exercise, but this time, your feet will be the ones placed over it. Thus making your workout more intense and efficient.

Handstand Push-Ups

This exercise is basically doing push-ups and handstands together. Handstand push-ups, like handstands, require full-body coordination since you will need perfect balance to perform it. What makes it more challenging is the push-up part, but once you get to do it right, you’ll surely enjoy repeating it.

The Humble Push-Up

This variation of the push-up is an uncommon yet very efficient exercise. It doesn’t only work on your shoulders but also your chest and biceps. As cited by Stohler, the humble push-up is at the top of the list of no-equipment exercises that activate your deltoids.

Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises Is For Everyone

Everyone does chores; hence everyone uses muscles—especially the shoulders. Moreover, the shoulders are extremely unstable and susceptible to injury. That is why, regardless of age and gender, we need to keep our shoulders strong to win the day.

Now do these bodyweight shoulder exercises regularly and share your journey with us on the comments below.

View the quoted article at LIVESTRONG.COM for more.


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