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13 Reasons To Do Bodyweight Training Today 

why do bodyweight training
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Do Bodyweight Training

I have been trying to convince everyone around here to start doing bodyweight training asap. Just recently, I’ve even argued that if it’s not motivation that gets you started, it should be personal discipline. 

But, why do we still think that only gym training will do miracles? If none of my previous posts got you convinced, I hope this easy-to-swallow list by Dave Smith will do the job—finally. 

Why Do Bodyweight Training ASAP

I won’t hold anything back now and will give you all 13 reasons in just a second. 

So here are the top 13, legit benefits to doing bodyweight training now—in my own words. 

  1. It’s truly efficient. 
  2. It’s like doing cardio and strength training at the same time. 
  3. It burns fat fast! 
  4. It’s got the ability to challenge everyone at any fitness level. 
  5. It absolutely strengthens your core! (Watch the pun there.) 
  6. It can make you more flexible. 
  7. You have no excuse not to do it! 
  8. It can help you get better balance. 
  9. It’s never going to get boring. 
  10. It’s highly customizable. 
  11. It would cost you nothing. 
  12. It helps prevent injuries. 
  13. Its results become pretty evident! 

Of course, Smith also gave all the necessary justification for each of the items above. It’s just that we’re often looking down on body weight exercises.

We Often Underrate Bodyweight Training

But just try it, and you should see some difference. As Smith notes: 

“It can be easy to get stuck in a workout rut of treadmills, bicep curls, lat pull-downs, and bench presses. That’s why bodyweight training can be so refreshing. There are countless exercise variations that can spice up any workout routine.” 

What can I say any further? You see, bodyweight workouts are never boring, never costly, and most importantly, never ineffective. 

Curious now? Then spice it up and shape yourself up! 

Get started with bodyweight training here. 

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