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Donkey Kicks

bodyweight glute exercises: how to do donkey kicks
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Would you like to add a bit of fun to your bodyweight routine? I bet donkey kicks can easily spice up your daily calisthenics.

With that said, I won’t waste any of your time so you could get to perform this bodyweight exercise immediately. So here’s how you do these butt-toning kicks.

How To Do A Donkey Kick

To start, “stand” (i.e., get down) on “all fours” on the ground as a donkey would. You could see that demonstrated right in the upper drawing in the image above.

Now choose which leg does the kicking first. I usually do it on the right first.

The Kick

  • To kick, just lift that right leg up, maintaining the 90-degree angle between your thigh and leg.
  • Put them down to the starting position, and bring them up again for your reps.
  • After some 8 counts, do the calisthenics with your left leg.

Quite simple, isn’t it? Plus, I really think it’s fun to do, especially when you do it with your family in the mornings—sort of giving you kick-offs to face a long day.

Benefits of Donkey Kicks

Now I’m going to sidetrack a  little bit here and give you the benefits of doing a donkey kick. (It often helps to know why you should do a thing before you begin doing them.)

Aside from giving you a bit of fun while you shed off lower body fat, donkey kicks engage your glutes really well. To maximize this benefit, follow these tips:

  • Keep your core tightened and your back straight.
  • When kicking, breathe out.
  • As you lower your leg, breathe in.
  • Combine your donkey kick reps with fire hydrants and a few more butt-toning exercises!

Begin Doing Some Donkey Kicks!

To inspire you for the rest of the week, here’s a video demonstration on doing donkey kicks.

Credits: LiveStrongWoman/YouTube


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