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4 Best Calisthenics for A Full Body Workout

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Best Calisthenics

You wish to go for a full body workout but don’t know where to start? I’ve been there, so I think I can help you with that. And, unlike all the other suggestions out there that make you sign up for a gym membership or give some money down, I’m not asking. 

I’m simply giving you 4 of the best calisthenics to use in a full body workout. Take note, these are all bodyweight exercises. So, you need no equipment, it’s totally cost-free, and you need not go to a special gym to perform these exercises. Just you and your body, anytime and anywhere. 


“ primarily target the chest, triceps, and core. Individuals typically lift about 60 percent of their body weight when completing a push-up.” 

Thanks to fitness writer Ryan Wood for pointing that out. 

Now, pause and think about lifting 60% of your body weight. For the average person, that’s heavier than the standard barbell! 

Beginner? Check out how to do a pushup here: Pushups for Beginners. 

Intermediate or advanced? Check this out: 5 Best Pushup Variations. 


“ directly works the hips, hamstrings, and glutes. It also indirectly strengthens your core…” 

Again, I got that from Mr. Wood. And, I do agree. I do notice my core burning when I do a lot of squats! 


“ does triple duty by extensively working the quadriceps, the glutes, and the hamstrings.”

Now, if you want to focus on toning your lower body, lunges are what you need. You may play around the following lunge variations: 


Some people like burpees, others don’t. But no matter which side you are on, burpees are great for a full body workout. 

If you find burpees a little silly, you can make it more challenging by doing an explosive variationI’ve discussed a few more explosive calisthenics that can go with advanced burpees, so check them out here: 5 Advanced Bodyweight Exercises for 2019. 

Do All 4 In A Full Body Workout

Got some ideas now? Be sure to try each of the 4 exercises above and then combine them to do a full body workout! 

Let me know of your experience in the comments down below. 

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