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Mimicking Animals For Home Workouts Without Equipment

bodyweight animal exercises for home workouts without equipment
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Did you know that you can just mimic animals to get more inspiration for your next set of home workouts without equipment?

If you’re fond of watching martial artists or trying to be one yourself, you would know just how most of their moves are inspired by animals.

So, if you wish to add some fun, uniqueness, and variety to your body weight routines, then you should probably mimic animals, too.

Excited? Here’s how you can do your home workouts without using any equipment—just your body weight.

5 Exercises For Your Home Workouts Without Equipment

I’m giving you the quick list right here. In a second, I’ll get to these one by one. For now, just take note that you may already do a quick workout by dedicating 30 seconds to a minute for each of these—and then doing the circuit twice.

  • crab reaches
  • beast crawl
  • bird dogs
  • side lunges
  • transverse lunges

Well, the last two don’t seem to be animal-inspired. For that matter, let’s just say these are functional movements we humans would naturally do under certain situations.

Crab Reaches

Do these to help tone your abs and hips.


crab reaches for home workouts without equipment
Crab Reaches. Do alternating sides in your own pace. Credits: DoctorOz/YouTube

Beast Crawl

To tone your abs and chest, crawl forward and crawl backward like a beast like this.

beast crawl for home workouts without equipment
Beast Crawl with four points of contact. Yes, you shouldn’t touch your knees on the ground. Credits: DoctorOz/YouTube

Bird Dogs

The bird dog is really great for abs.

bird dogs for bodyweight home workouts without equipment
Bird Dog. Just hold it there for about 30 seconds for each leg. Credits: DoctorOz/YouTube

I’ve once featured this exercise in a fun but fat-burning bodyweight workout right here. Go ahead and take a look!

The Lunges

The side lunges would look like you trying to catch an incoming tennis ball, while the transverse lunge is just the crossover reverse lunge I’ve already covered.

Try The Above Calisthenics For Your Home Workout

Now, go try the above exercises and add variety to your bodyweight home workouts.

Before you do, check out this video demonstration from DoctorOz of YouTube down below.

Credits: DoctorOz/YouTube


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