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How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle Mass? (Not what you think)

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Lifting weights is often described as one of the best ways to grow your muscle mass. It’s not a surprise then that most people start lifting weights with this goal in mind. While it’s obvious that it helps with muscle gain, how soon can you expect to see results?

What should you really expect when you start lifting weights?

Well, according to CNET, the answer to that question is it depends. Several factors play a role in how fast it takes to build muscle. These factors include

  • Your Protein Intake
  • Your Calorie Intake
  • Your Workout schedule
  • Your Lifting Routine
  • Your Training Age
  • Your Actual age

How Actual Age Influences Your Muscle Gain

The older we get, the harder it becomes to see the muscle gains we crave so badly.

This makes a lot of sense considering that we lose a considerable amount of muscle fat as we grow older. A lack of sleep can also have a negative effect on our workout routine.

Having less time to sleep will hurt your chances. Generally, a lack of sleeping time can also lead to other serious health complications.

Why Do These Factors Play A Significant Role In Muscle Gain?

Your muscles expand as they recover from the trauma caused by your workout sessions. Several things contribute to this recovery such as your protein levels.

Protein helps to grow your muscles and keep them strong. Not having enough sleep will generally mean your muscles have very little time to heal.

If you are also having a lot of workout sessions with no planned schedule of breaks in-between days, your muscle will really suffer. The key to muscle gain then when lifting weights is a combination of good recovery time, a great workout schedule, a good diet, and getting enough sleep.

So What Should I Really Expect From Lifting Weights?

It might take weeks to see good gains. When lifting weights, it’s good to wait for 2-3 months before assessing your progress.


Lifting weights is a great way to gain some muscle growth. However, it’s best to start lifting weights with realistic expectations.


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