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What Personal Trainers Do To Lose Fat Fast

how to lose fat fast according to personal trainers
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What better advice is there to follow on losing fat fast than from a personal trainer? We’ve all been trying to, but I guess we just needed to hear the best tips from those who’ve actually shed off the extras. Well, good news! Fitness & health writer Mallory Creveling reveals the top secrets of 7 personal trainers on how to lose fat fast. 

Watch Your Diet 

Well, yes, of course. Dieting is probably no secret anymore. But the actual diet? Quoting Adrian Williams, C.P.T., Creveling writes: 

“Nutrient-dense foods will be the key factor in providing your body what it needs while consuming fewer calories.” 

And I should say that whole plant foods are nutrient-dense, and they keep you from consuming excess fat. 

Fast First Then Do Cardio 

In simple terms, do cardio on an empty stomach. The fitness writer remarks: 

“This will help your body utilize fat for fuel more so than carbs.” 

But when you do fasted cardio, be sure to stay in moderate intensity, and keep it short. Also, if you don’t like running a lot, there’s a pretty good bodyweight cardio alternative that you can work on instead. 

Water Up 

“As for water intake, he ups how much he drinks, consuming four to five liters of H2O per day.” 

This is what Creveling says of Dan Trink, one of the personal trainers she’s interviewed. Well, you’ve probably heard of Trink’s “secret” before. But, if you’re not doing it, it’s still going to be a precious secret on how to lose fat fast. 

More Lose Fat Fast Tips 

For the rest of the tips, I can pretty much sum them up in bullet form (with some of my insights incorporated): 

  • Between your bodyweight exercises within each workout, rest less often. 
  • Do timed intervals and challenge yourself to do more reps within each interval. 
  • Make time for body weight conditioning workouts such as burpees and jump roping. 
  • Get rid of processed sugar. 
  • Sleep for 7 to 8 hours each night. 

Finally, don’t just focus on your mission to lose fat fast. Train your mind to recover well from each bodyweight workout session, and know for yourself that overall health is your top priority. 

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