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Don’t Do This Before Your Home Workouts

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Okay. So, you’ve heard a lot of noise from me on what to do—but not much about what not to do—when performing calisthenics. So, today, I’m dedicating this post to a particular mistake that you need to avoid before doing bodyweight home workouts.

What To Avoid Before Your Home Workouts

Well, it’s not just one exercise. It’s actually a type of stretching that people often do before doing bodyweight workouts. It’s called static stretching.

Why Avoid Pre-Workout Static Stretching

Before you go intense with your home workouts, you often do stretches. In general, stretches are okay, but if you’re doing static stretching—that is, holding those stretches for 30 seconds or longer—you may damage your muscles.

As Chris would discuss in the video below, your muscles are like rubber bands. If you stretch them to the full for long, you can wear them out. Take note, that’s even before you’re beginning your workout proper!

what not to do before your home workouts
Don’t overdo your pre-workout stretches as you may strain your muscles. Credits: OFFICIALTHENX/YouTube

What To Do Before Your Home Workouts Instead

Instead of doing static holds before your bodyweight workouts, do dynamic stretching instead. Dynamic or active stretching is a movement-based pre-workout activity where you’re not holding a position for more than 30 seconds.

Benefits of Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretches help your muscles warm up for an intense bodyweight workout. With dynamic stretches, you can work on your:

  • shoulder mobility
  • forearms, wrists, and fingers
  • neck
  • back, rear delts, and core
  • core and hip flexors
  • hamstrings, calves, and lower back
  • inner thighs and obliques
  • lower back
  • outer quads
  • hip flexors and glutes
  • knees
  • ankle mobility
  • calves

The key to properly doing dynamic stretches is doing “light pumps” instead of static, long-pause holds.

dynamic stretching before doing home workouts
Dynamic Stretching involves multiple, short stretches that warm up your muscles. Credits: OFFICIALTHENX/YouTube

After pumping stretches, you can do further warm-up exercises such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and burpees.

Ready to jump now? Check out how to do dynamic stretches first from the video below.



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