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Best Bodyweight Exercises: Reverse Crunches

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Crunches are an easy favorite because they target the front portion of the abdominal wall. In other words, performing crunches regularly is one secret to gaining those 6-pack abs.

One interesting type of crunch is what we’d call a reverse crunch.

Reverse crunches are among the best bodyweight exercises that work on a specific group of muscles. In this case, the target area is your lower abs.

To perform this exercise, all you need to prepare is a comfortable mat for your back to lie on.

1. Starting Position

Lay your back flat on your mat (1a). With your arms on your sides, bend your knees such that your legs are perpendicular to your thighs.

To begin the reverse crunch, raise your thighs until they are perpendicular to the floor (1b).

2. Performing The Reverse Crunch

To perform the reverse crunch, take a deep breath and slowly roll your hips toward yourself. Lift your hips up from the floor (2a).

Then, bring your knees closer toward your chest, completely lifting your lower back and tightening your lower abdominal muscles (2b). Hold your breath right there.

Now slowly release your breath as you go back down to the starting position (1b).

Remember to keep the motion slow and controlled.

Increasing the Intensity of Your Reverse Crunches

Suppose you’ve gotten used to reverse crunches and you want to level up this body weight exercise. How do you make it more challenging?

Well, the secret to intensifying your reverse crunches is to position your hands beneath your head.

3. Intense Reverse Crunch. Position your hands beneath your head. Credits: Frank Costello/YouTube

As you can see from the image above (Image no. 3), you’re bringing your upper body up and closer to your knees. This will force your lower abs to work even harder.

To incorporate reverse crunches to your body weight workout, you may do 2 sets of 12-15 reps each.

Try Reverse Crunches for Your Abs

If it’s your first time to add this move to your bodyweight workout, you may feel some pain around your core. Still, the instructions are relatively easy to follow. So, there’s no real reason to delay trying the exercise.

Remember, performing a reverse crunch is just like literally doing a crunch in reverse.

Credits: Frank Costello/YouTube


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