by Frank J

Reverse Pattern Single leg Romanian Deadlift

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Men’s Reverse Pattern Single leg Romanian Deadlift

  1. Begin with your abs tightly braced and your ribs pulled downward. Think of keeping the front of your pelvis from dropping away from your ribs by using tightly braced abs.
  2. Lower to the bar while pushing your hips back and loading a light stretch into your hamstrings.
  3. Keep your weight on your heels, your feet straight forward, your knees straight over your little toes and abs braced.
  4. Pull upward while maintaining good positioning (knees straight forward, neutral spine, weight through heels.
  5. Keep your abs locked and ribs down at the top.
  6. Shift to one leg and lower the bar without rocking your hips open or moving from your lower back. Keep your abs locked down.


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