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Sore Muscles From Workouts? Foods You Need To Know About

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Did you know that some foods can actually relieve or worsen your sore muscles? Abbey Sharp has some substantial insights into this subject and gives recommendations on what to and what not to eat. Let me just give you my take on the issue, and we’ll see what foods you need to watch out when you’re suffering from sore muscles. You definitely should take down some notes if you’re doing bodyweight exercises.

Inflammatory Foods Are The Major Thing

If you’re asking what the primary culprit is according to the sharp Ms. Sharp, it’s all about inflammatory foods. They prove an additional pain to your already-inflamed muscles. Ms. Abbey stresses out the following:

“Since muscle pain is considered a form of inflammation in the body, it makes sense to aim to cut back on inflammatory foods on days you work out.”

That surely is worth noting. And I’d love to add that it’s best to cut down on sugar and alcohol not just when you’re already sore. Cut down on them even while you’re yet starting on body weight exercises. Believe me, they won’t help.

And it sure helps to cut down on them even on days when you’re not working out. If you’re really busy on certain days, don’t fall back on your diet – anyway, you’re still eating regularly, I presume. You may choose not to clock a workout time, but be sure not to fall for the trap of indulging, just because you do not have a bodyweight workout this time.

How About Healthy Sugars?

By the way, if you’re not familiar with how sugar injures your body, differing opinions exist. But let me just mention that there are healthy sugars – they’re basically the ones that come in “natural forms” such as in fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. And I’m glad the good author mentioned this, and I definitely agree and do emphasize that you should try whole-foods-plant-based – that is if you’re planning to get fit inside and out.

So, What Foods Are Good For Sore Muscles?

I’m all for the tart cherries, turmeric, watermelon and bananas – and a whole bunch more of whole foods that were not mentioned in the article. I should say that in general, if your muscles are sore, they can help themselves. It’s their work to rebuild. Of course, this is what Ms. Sharp has pointed out right from the beginning:

“When you work out, you cause little micro-tears in your muscles, and when those fibers rebuild is when you gain strength and mass. …This is technically part of the muscle-building process…”

So, the best thing you can do is to cooperate with your muscles through your diet, she says. And, to do that, you should feed yourself with foods that pass the following criteria:

  • They stimulate “muscle-rebuilding and growth.”
  • They are anti-inflammatory.

Speaking of the foods mentioned, I did say that I’m all for the plant-based ones – they’re definitely anti-inflammatory, and they got the right amino acids that help rebuild your muscles.

Think about this. You deserve a banana smoothie, a watermelon zest or a turmeric boost after performing the best bodyweight exercises. I’m all in.

food for sore muscles, watermelon for sore muscles after bodyweight workouts
A watermelon drink can supply your body with the right nutrients to aid your muscles during their rebuilding process. rawpixel

However, the article also mentions cottage cheese, eggs and salmon – basically animal products which are inviting attention these days because you can grow big muscles and recover from workouts better without them. Some athletes even claim that they recover better between workouts by feeding only on plant protein!

The Challenge: Let Your Sore Muscles Judge

I challenge you to let your sore muscles judge using the article’s insights and my own arguments. Work on your diet, go whole foods, go plant-based, go try. As for Ms. Sharp, I bet she’s still sharp because her recommendations are backed up. As for me, I got some back up too – a tripod of research, the experiences of others, and my own experience as someone doing bodyweight workouts and having sore muscles at times. And I do recover quite fast! Let me know if you would, too.

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