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Tricep Extensions

bodyweight tricep extensions
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Looking for calisthenics to build up your triceps? Then do some bodyweight tricep extensions! 

These bodyweight exercises do look like push-ups, but regular pushups often focus on your biceps. With tricep extensions, you can build a better balanced upper arm!

But there’s more to a triceps extension than just making you look good.

Benefits of Tricep Extensions

First up, the triceps extension is a single-joint, isolation exercise. While there are many exercises that can work on your triceps, this one is:

  • easy to perform,
  • focused on your triceps,
  • convenient, and
  • highly variable.

In terms of variation, you can do tricep extensions while standing or facing the ground. But, for the best calisthenics version, you need to do it just as it’s illustrated above.

Remember, you’re going to use your body weight as the resistance. For beginners and calisthenics loyalists, it’s the variation to go with. Now here’s how to do tricep extensions—the calisthenics version.

How To Perform Bodyweight Tricep Extensions

The basic bodyweight tricep extensions are quite easy to perform. Here’s how to begin.

  • Start with a push-up position.
  • Set your feet hip-width apart. (Go picture it in your mind. It would be slightly narrower than a shoulder-width.)
  • Put your arms forward, right in front of your shoulders (as illustrated in the top drawing above).
  • Set your spine in “neutral” mode (not overly arched and not slouching).
  • Tighten your abs.

To do the exercise properly, proceed with the following steps.

  • Push your body upwards (as in the bottom drawing above).
  • Lower your body just at the elbows.
  • Do the up and down movement in a controlled fashion.
  • Focus on letting the triceps do the work!

Here’s an important tip. Don’t rush in performing this exercise. Control is key!

Excited to perform bodyweight tricep extensionsCheck out the video demo below before you try it yourself.

Credits: Global Bodyweight Training/YouTube


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