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Triceps Workout At Home With No Weights

bodyweight triceps workout at home
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Credits: OfficialThenX/YouTube

Hyped up for fitness? If so, I’m inviting you to continue on the journey of doing more for your triceps—apparently one of the muscle groups you and I have neglected last year but have resolved to focus on this year. For that matter, I’m introducing a triceps workout at home. And yes, there’s no need for any weights—just your body.

The Exercises: Triceps Workout At Home

First up, here’s the list of the calisthenics you’ll be doing for this home tricep workout. Chris Heria of OfficialThenX/YouTube demonstrates each exercise in the video down below.

Before you view the video, I’m giving you the list of the triceps exercises for you to take note of. (I also included the number of times you’re going to be doing each.)

  • Elevated Pike Push-Ups (15x)
  • Bench Dips (15x)
  • Cross Tricep Extensions (6x)
  • Skull Crushers (20x)
  • Tricep Extensions (20x)
  • Diamond Push-Ups (20x)
  • Pseudo Push-Ups (15x)

Chris carefully selected all seven of these triceps exercises to emphasize all 3 tricep heads. Hence, the diversity.

Tips For Doing This Home Triceps Workout

Now you may not be familiar with some of the exercises in this triceps workout. So I’m including a few video screenshots of some of them.

elevated pike push ups you can do for a triceps workout at home
Elevated Pike Push-Ups. Credits: OfficialThenX/YouTube

Just look for a heavy box or a sturdy bench at home or anywhere, and you can readily perform this exercise. In doing elevated pike push-ups for your triceps workout at home, you’re putting more emphasis on your long tricep head.

skull crushers for a triceps workout at home
Skull Crushers. Credits: OfficialThenX/YouTube

Skull Crushers target all of your tricep heads. By modifying the angle in which you position your arms, you may emphasize one head over the other.

pseudo push ups for a triceps home workout
Pseudo Push-Ups. Credits: OfficialThenX/YouTube

To maximize the benefits of Pseudo Push-Ups, position your arms as low as possible.

Now Try This Triceps Workout At Home!

Can’t wait to get started? Learn more tips on how to perform this bodyweight triceps workout from the video demonstration below.

Remember to first perfect your form for each exercise!



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