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Tone It Up – Best Routine To Have A Beach Body

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Aiming to have a beach body with bikini buns & thighs? Gain them with a fun and challenging Bikini Series beach routine by Tone It Up!

For all 9 bodyweight exercises in this Bikini Series Workout, all you need is a mat and an exercise ball. You’ll do 16 counts for each side (left and right).

1. Squat & Sway

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding the exercise ball on top of your head (1a). Squat as in (1b) and stand back up to your initial position. Sway or “tip over” to one side (1c). Then, go back to (1a), squat again (1b), back up, and sway to the other side of your body, and so on.

2. Stretch & Squat

Just go up (2a) and down (2b) and that would make a rep. Continue on your counts to 16 as you engage your thighs. Inhale as you go down, and exhale on your way up.

3. Tone It Up Lunge

This looks just like a lunge—only modified with an exercise ball. It’s great for your booties!

4. Tone It Up Dive for Buns

Relax at (4a) and stretch up with all your might at (4b). It does an excellent job on your core, lower back, glutes, and thighs.

5. Thigh Stretches

Stretch those future bikini thighs. Feel the burn under the hot sun.

6. Modified Glute Bridge

The glute bridge itself is awesome, but this one with an exercise ball adds a little bit more challenge.

Get up (6b) and down (6a) to the starting position to engage your glutes. To add some spice, hold this modified bridge for 16 more counts (6c).

7. Back Lift

This could be one of your favorites. Alternate stretching (7a) and lifting (7b) for this bikini series routine.

8. Back Lift with Leg Stretch


Instead of alternating just (8a) and (8b), do a side trip with a literal side stretch in between (8c).

9. Back Lift & Hold

It’s probably going to be your most challenging finale. Hold your back and thighs right there!

Catch Your Dream Beach Body—Tone It Up!

Aren’t you now excited to take up the challenge? Then, get ready with your mat and exercise ball for your next Bikini Series workout adventure. Keep your body fit. Tone it up!

Credits: Tone It Up/YouTube


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