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Super Intense Core Workouts That Only Use Your Body

bodyweight core workouts
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Many core workouts exist out there, but I’m talking about something really intense here. And, surprisingly, it’s made up of only body weight exercises.

It’s basically one 10-minute full session that’s composed of four workouts—well, actually two circuits, done twice.

The First of the Core Workouts

The most intense part is the first circuit, and it’s composed of 10 calisthenics.

For each of these core exercises, you’re going to devote 20 seconds and do as many reps as you can within that period. Now do these in sequence, and then repeat the whole circuit for 200 seconds more straight (20 sec*10 moves).

  • Russian Twist
  • Plank
  • Hip Raise
  • Alternating Heel Touch
  • Seated Scissor Kick
  • Heel Touch
  • Plank Step-Up
  • Plank Walk-Out
  • Cross Crunch
  • Bicycle Crunch

Here are two sample screenshots so you take a sneak peek of this great workout.

russian twist for core workouts
The Russian Twist—twist to your sides while you tighten your core. Credits:


cross crunch in core workouts
The Cross Crunch—crossing over your arms when reaching your legs. Credits:

Second Part of the Core Workouts

Before you do the second part, you may rest for 15 to 60 seconds. (If you’re still a beginner, you may pick the longer end of the recommended resting period.)

Now do the following exercises for 20 seconds each. Again, repeat this second circuit immediately after.

If you do the math, it’s just 480 seconds of exercises plus 60 seconds max of rest between the first and second circuits. It’s a total of 9 minutes, but you’ll have roughly a minute to take care of the shifts from one exercise to the next.

So, basically, you don’t have time to pause except only in between the two circuits of core workouts. Talk about intense!

Challenge: Do This Workout Weekly

I’m going to give myself a challenge this holiday season and do this core workout on a weekly basis, and then even more often.

Now how about I pass on the challenge to you? (Freely leave a comment down below.)

In the meantime, here’s the video demonstration to inspire you better in burning those belly fats faster!



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