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3 Bodyweight Back Exercises To Get You Going As You Age

bodyweight back exercises that you can do at home
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I can’t overemphasize the fact that bodyweight back exercises are what you need to get rid of those annoying backaches. We all got to strengthen our backs or else, we’d suffer trouble as we age.

The good thing is that even at home or anywhere else, you can do some back-strengthening calisthenics and leave for the day in your best shape. In fact, I’d like to challenge you to do all three moves I’m featuring below.

And, by the way, you won’t need any pull-up bar for all these calisthenics!

Upper Back Lift

bodyweight back exercise: the upper back lift
Get rid of back pain with the upper back lift. Credits: Athlean-X/YouTube

To do the upper back lift, simply:

  • Lay with your back flat on the ground.
  • Bend your knees as in a crunch.
  • Push your elbow to the ground or floor.
  • Lift your upper back as you push with your elbow.

Remember, don’t push through your feet—let your upper back do the work! Also, try to hold yourself through each rep.

Mid Back Exercise

mid back exercise by the doorway
Slide your way to working your mid back. Credits: Athlean-X/YouTube

Among the three bodyweight back exercises featured here, this second one engages your lats the most.

Luckily, all you need to find is a pair of smooth pants and a slick floor. They need to slide smoothly past each other for this mid back exercise to work out!

To do this entirely body weight move:

  • Start with a somewhat push-up position (the “up” position, to be exact).
  • Slide your feet down so you could stretch your arms entirely.
  • Get back to your initial position and repeat sliding up and down.

Lower Back Superman

lower back bodyweight exercise
Take a modified superman to aim at your lower back. Credits: Athlean-X/YouTube

Sometimes the best exercise hits two birds at the same time. In this case, a modified superman does it for both your glutes and lower back!

The key is to hold yourself as pictured above for as long as you can.

Do These Bodyweight Back Exercises This Week!

Excited to do these bodyweight back exercises yourself? Go ahead and find yourself stronger this week and the years to come!

Credits: Athlean-X/YouTube


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