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4 Underrated Bodyweight Exercises That Personal Trainers Always Use

personal trainers think even simple bodyweight exercises are the most effective
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Bodyweight exercises don’t have to be fancy. Now if there’s any group of individuals who’d say the same, I’d bet it’s the best personal trainers. In fact, these fitness experts always use a few calisthenics that are often underestimated. But, as the writer Jen Glanz says,  

sometimes the best moves are the ones that are overlooked and underrated.”

What Personal Trainers Recommend

So, I’ve come across this article by Glanz that lists down 7 exercises that personal trainers always use. But I’ll only highlight the four of them that don’t require any equipment—not even a pull-up bar or a chair. 


The female boxing Coach Cary Williams always recommends stand-ups, because they utilize 

“the very muscles that will pick up when they’re down.”

The calisthenics also fit any age, and they’re especially helpful to older people who fear to be unable to get up one day. 

Forearm Planks

Planks, even in their simplest form, are among the most helpful body weight exercises you can make use of. Wondering if a forearm plank is actually of any help? Well, Glanz reveals the secret to doing it effectively: 

“With planks, think quality over quantity.”

In other words, 

  • Focus on good form 
  • Do fewer reps 
  • But do them longer. 


You may hate burpees all you want, but that doesn’t erase the fact that they 

“target the entire body and combine elements of strength and cardio into a single exercise!”

Take that advice from one of the personal trainers you may want to meet: Jackie Wilson herself, Founder and CEO of the NOVA Fitness Innovation. 

So, the next time you’re challenged to do a burpee, take it. I have them in my workouts, and they get my heart pumping its best. 

Ab Circles

Lastly, hit your core with the lazy-looking but effective move called ab circles. 

I think they’re a great way to tone your packs—and I mean all of six of them. 

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