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Bicycle Crunches

how to perform bicycle crunches
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Bicycle crunches are one of the most effective variations of crunches. If you’re into building up your abs, then cycling crunches are a must-try. I find them fun to perform, plus they really work on my core—especially if I do them regularly.

Why Do Bicycle Crunches

If you haven’t tried them yet, then I think you’ll find the motivation to do so once you’d know the benefits of this exercise.

Cycling crunches help you achieve the following:

  • Lose weight
  • Strengthen your core
  • Build your abdominal muscles
  • Get rid of that flabby tummy
  • Tone your thighs
  • Engage your external obliques (the muscles at the sides of your waist)

The fact is that cycling crunches activate your “rectus abdominis.” So, if you badly want those “six-pack” muscles, this is one exercise you would want to include in your daily bodyweight routine.

Tips On Doing Cycling Crunches

To make bicycle crunches even more effective, take note of the following tips:

  • If you wish to lose weight faster, do more of these crunches frequently.
  • Combine them with cardio exercises. Even cardio alternatives will do.
  • Watch your diet. If you can bulk up on plants, that would be best.
  • Move slowly and watch your form so you can engage your muscles more fully.

How To Perform A Bicycle Crunch

Performing a bicycle crunch isn’t totally complicated. Take note of these steps:

  1. Lie with your back flat on your mat.
  2. You can either place your hands behind your head or extend your arms on your sides, as in the illustration above.
  3. Raise your right leg such that your right thigh forms a 90-degree angle with the ground.
  4. Fully stretch your left leg at the same time.
  5. Take turns stretching both legs as if you’re “cycling.”
  6. Twist your body sideways as you “pedal.”

Check out this video demonstration below for more tips!

Credits: HowCast/YouTube


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