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20-Minute Bodyweight Tricep Workout You Need To Try This 2019

bodyweight tricep workout
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New year, a new set of workouts. Now you may be wondering what kind of calisthenics to focus on first. As for me, my main criterion is quite simple. Those muscle groups that I’ve probably left out—now I’m going to hit on them. Hence my interest in a bodyweight tricep workout. 

Why Triceps 

Aside from the fact that we too often neglect our triceps, you might be asking what could be another reason to work them out. Well, here’s the short answer according to fitness expert Pete Williams, C.P.T.: 

“…the three-headed triceps brachii muscle actually plays a key role in sports and the movements of everyday life, working with the lats to bring the arm toward the body, and playing a huge role in the extension of the elbow joint.” 

Clearly, working out the tris is not just about aesthetics. Hence this bodyweight tricep workout that Williams recommends. 

The Bodyweight Tricep Workout You Should Try 

The entire workout lasts for only 20 minutes—an excellent step-up to your 10-minute daily routines. It’s composed of the following calisthenics. 

  • Triceps StretchThis one’s great for your shoulders. 
  • Chaturanga 

“This signature yoga move challenges you to support your entire body with your triceps.” 

  • Plank-to-PushupThis “compound movement” hits hard on your triceps. 
  • Crab WalkIt’s great for “glutes, hips, and forearms,” but more importantly, the triceps. 
  • Triceps Dip. Check out how to do these dips here. 
  • Pike Pushup.  This works the back and hamstrings, too. 
  • Diamond Pushup 
  • Monkey Bars. 

To use up all 20 minutes, you need to do the above in two circuits. 

Work It Out This 2019! 

So, would you like to have a fresh start on fitness this year? Then join me in trying out this body weight triceps workout, and let’s develop some more bulk on those previously abandoned muscles. 

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