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What Are Tricep Dips?

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Image Credits: Urban Mixer

If you happen to find a list of the best upper arm exercises and encountered the intriguing term, you would’ve also asked: what are tricep dips?

Now just like any bodyweight exercise, a tricep dip can be best known by demonstration. But before trying to mimic what’s in any demo video, I think it’s important to introduce what an exercise is for.

So, What Are Tricep Dips?

A tricep dip is a basic bodyweight exercise that doesn’t require any sophisticated equipment—a sturdy chair will do. You can even use a free bench at the nearest park (see photo above) and “exercise” a healthy, active lifestyle.

Benefits of Tricep Dips

As I’ve mentioned, a triceps dip will help tone your upper arms, especially your triceps (quite obviously). But since it’s a compound exercise, it can also engage your:

  • shoulders
  • elbows
  • forearms
  • chest
  • lower back

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How To Do A Triceps Dip

To perform the dip, start by picking a chair. (By the way, you can also do it on a floor, but let’s have the chair version for now).

Starting Position

how to perform a tricep dip
Pick a sturdy chair that can carry your body weight. Credits: Howcast/YouTube


Here are the tips to effectively perform the tricep dips:

  • Start with a good sitting posture, i.e., don’t slouch!
  • Keep your legs bent from beginning to end.
  • To make your triceps dip harder, you may straighten your legs at the starting position.
  • Keep your arms straightened at the starting position.

The Triceps Dip – How To “Dip”

what are tricep dips

Bend your elbows as you lower your hips down. Credits: Howcast/YouTube


Now the rest is quite straightforward. Just “dip,” but remember the posture. Never sink into your shoulder as you go down! Also, never just move your hips up and down. Let your elbows flex and extend, so you could allow this exercise to fully engage your triceps.

Take a peek at this demo video to find out the rest of the tips!

Credits: Howcast/YouTube


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